May 4, 2021

Spring Report on the Real Estate Industry

The Spring Report on the Real Estate Industry (Frühjahrsgutachten Immobilienwirtschaft), written by the Council of Real Estate Experts and published by the German Property Federation (Zentraler Immobilien Ausschuss, ZIA), has been published.

Chapter 5 on residential real estate in rural areas was written by Prof. Dr. Harald Simons, CEO of empirica, and Constantin Tielkes and Malte Scharrenberg of empirica. The demarcation between metropolitan and rural areas was derived from the centres of the 14 largest cities with over 500,000 inhabitants on the basis of car travel time. Purchase prices for detached and semi-detached houses and migration balances were compared for different distance areas. Here, empirica regio was able to provide extensive support to the colleagues from empirica in the data preparation and provision of migration matrices with age differentiation.

The analysis shows that migration losses have stopped in rural areas and also at a greater distance from metropolitan areas. With regard to the 30 to under 45-year-olds, the authors already speak of a trend reversal in some regions. The reasons given are the increased housing costs in the metropolises, but also the shortage of skilled workers in rural areas.

The spring report can be downloaded in a complete version, an abridged version (both in German) and an English summary from the website of the German Property Federation (ZIA). Differentiated migration data and other statistics can be found in our empirica regio market studio.