July 10, 2019

Change of name and expansion of the management

The empirica regional database has been marketed by us since 2018 under the name empirica regio. The name empirica regio has also been used in the company title of empirica regio GmbH since July 2019.

Under this brand we carry a broad set of indicators of regional data together with the aim of enabling thematic data analysis and reporting at the push of a button. The development of purchase prices, rents or yield figures, labour market statistics, vacancy rates or forecasts are thus made available to our customers quickly and easily. And it makes no difference whether data is required for the Top7, growth and shrinking regions, urban and rural areas or specific districts and cities, because all data bases are automatically applied to different types of space.

From July 2019 Jan Grade and Dr. Lorenz Thomschke will strengthen the management of empirica regio. Together with Dr. Reiner Braun we can draw on extensive know-how in the areas of research, analysis and consulting.

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