Housing Market Reports

Our regularly updated reports always offer the latest available indicators. Receive compact summarised housing market data for a region: economic conditions, social statistics, housing demand and supply situation as well as property prices and rents.

District reports

Our district reports provide an overview of the most important figures for a region on 19 pages: labor market, economy, demography and housing market, and this for all 400 districts and independent cities in Germany. The rents and purchase prices are based on the empirica housing price index  and offer a detailed insight into the regional housing market. Extensive demographic data and the empirica forecasts  allow a comprehensive analysis of the region.

District report - Housing market data for Berlin at a glance
District report - the empirica housing price index for Berlin

The district report for the district level costs 49,- (incl. VAT 19%). You can access a sample report here .

Municipality reports

With the municipal reports, you get insight into the diverse cities and municipalities in the surroundings of the metropolises as well as important central centers away from the big cities. These reports offer a compact analysis of all German cities and municipalities from 10,000 inhabitants. The report is available for around 1,600 locations, which succinctly summarizes the most important figures on seven pages.

Municipality report - demand indicators for Marburg at a glance
Municipality report - Rental price development for Marburg

The municipal report costs 29,- (incl. VAT 19%). You can access a sample report here .

empirica regio Market Studio

Users of the empirica regio Market Studio  have unlimited access to the market reports and all used indicators. With our analysis tools and download options, you can quickly and easily create your own analyses in the Market Studio.